What to expect...

  • Resource Links

    You'll find resource links to some outside sources to aid you in what you've learned in these classes.

  • Audios

    There will always be audios anywhere I am sharing education!

  • Videos & Graphics

    Videos are provided that are stand-alones rather than part of a class. Additionally there are videos and graphis that help you learn how to properly care for your oils and other tidbits.


  • 1
    Welcome to your resource library!
    • How to access your resources
    • Legal Poop
  • 2
    Audio Resources
    • Essential Oils and Animals: What You Need To Know, Pt1
    • Essential Oils and Animals: What You Need To Know, Pt2
    • Essential Oils and Animals: What You Need To Know, Pt3
  • 3
    Outside Link Resources
    • Links to Support the Classes
    • DOGgone Truth Podcast
  • 4
    Essential Rewards
    • Young Living Essential Oils Essential Rewards Program
    • Earn Free Oils
    • YLGo and YLGo+
  • 5
    Oily Things to Know
    • Quick Tips
    • How to Use the Oils
    • How Fast Do Oils Work?
    • I Can't Stand That Smell!
    • I Can't Stand that Scent!
    • How to Apply & Remove Roller Fitments Video
    • Proper Care of Your Essential Oils
    • Examples of Carrier Oils
  • 6
    Free Book
    • The Content
    • Be Renewed, Be Transformed, BE WELL
  • 7
    Oily Canine Massage
    • AromaMassage for My Dogs
    • How I do my dog aromamassage

Additional learning

As new things come up in Young Living or additional resources we keep getting questions on, this is where we'll place the information and answers

What are you waiting for???

"There is no shame in not knowing something. The shame is in not being willing to learn." ~Alison Croggon

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