What's in this class?

  • Dog Scents

    Scents and canines just go together naturally don't they? We are BONE-afidely, reBARKably, SCENT-ABLE beings. You didn't really think a HUMAN could teach this course did you now??? Good bepaws a DOG is what you are getting (my human just does the typing for me), WOOF! Besides, who better than a canine to teach a canine course ruh?

  • Dogs See Through Scent

    Our noses are the center of our universe from the time we enter the world. So doesn't it just make plain, old common SCENTS that a canine (aka dog) would be the BEST instructor on how to BEST use essential oils* with your dog?

  • Bark it Loud!

    My name is Shadrach, and my breed is Neapolitan Mastiff (Neo for short). We are a very old breed of the molosser family (not molasses spellcheck, WOOF!) - my human is VERY fond of all the molosser style breeds..but I digress bepaws I could talk about dogs ALL day long!

  • Da Nose Knows

    For this course I am going to focus in tightly on our noses, our sense and SCENTS-ability, and how my human and I have used essential oils to benefit not only me and her other canines, but to help others be able to do likewise with their own dogs. So won't you paw-lease come along with me into this scents-able journey through the NOSE of a canine...

  • Shadrach's Motto

    Shadrach’s Motto: “Drool unto others as you would have them drool unto you.”

  • FYI

    ***Please Note***This class is based on the use of Young Living Essential Oils with the Christian faith as the foundation of all that is taught within.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome
    • Young Living Essential Oils Disclaimer
    • Legal Poop
  • 2
    Section One: Scents-Able Canine
    • My ReBARKable Story
    • Wellness Journey Initiated by Neo Mastiff
    • Dogs and Oils
  • 3
    Section Two: The Nose Knows!
    • Dog Sense is Scents-able
    • I Can't Stand That Smell!
    • I Can't Stand That Scent
    • Hide and Seek – Dogs Sense of Smell
  • 4
    Section Three: Get the Funk Out My Muzzle!!
    • Emotions-Attitudes-Feelings
    • Dogs and Essential Oils
    • Essential Oils Harmonize
    • Canine FARMacy
    • Personal, Home and Yard Care Products
    • DitchTheToxicCleaningProductsForPetsSake_09102017
    • Ditch the Toxic Cleaning Products for Pets' Sake Resources
    • Ditch the Toxic Cleaning Products for Pets' Sake!
    • How Toxins Can Affect Brain Health
    • FAKE-grances Overview
    • FAKE-Grances
    • Electrical /electronic devices/harsh sounds
    • Pests, Parasites, and Bugs, OH MY!
  • 5
    Section Four: Epigenetics
    • Epigenetics
    • Epigenetics - Video
    • Laws of Nature
    • The Old Neo Mastiff on His SLOW Morning Walk
  • 6
    Section Five: Raindrops for Dogs
    • Dogs Love Raindrops
    • King Gets a Raindrop
    • Canine Massage with Essential Oils
    • Calming in Storms
  • 7
    Section Six: Scent-able Wellness for Dogs
    • What do you do now?
    • Life is a Song!
    • The Singing Neo Mastiff
    • What Sets Young Living Apart?
    • Using the Oils
    • My Oily Dogs
    • The Tune of Oily Wellness

Learn from a dog who NOSE

Nuthin' but the DOG in him ...and the DOGgone truth too!

Well what do you want humans, an invitation?

THAT's what THIS is, WOOF!

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