What to expect...

  • We love our dogs

    And we want to do what is the very best for them. You're searching for a more natural way of doing that very thing. Isn't that what this oily thing is all about?

  • Knowledge is power

    We are eager to share our experiences in wellness with you for your dogs. Whether you are an experienced oiler or are just curious to see what the excitement is all about, join us for a fun time in oily wellness for your essential canine.

  • Join our pack

    When you're finished, if you aren't a member of Young Living yet, you can join our team and private FB group of dog loving people and learn more for YOURSELF as well as for your dog!

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome
    • Legal Poop
    • Video Disclaimer
    • Welcome to Young Living Essential Oils
  • 2
    Section One: W.A.G.s
    • Our Inspiration!
    • Class Creators in Order of Appearance
    • Kathy Lacey
    • Breanne Altherr
    • Wendy Lovas
    • Kim Bloomer
  • 3
    Section Two: Those Amazing Noses!
    • How Dogs See With Their Noses
    • French Mastiff and Frankincense
  • 4
    Section Three: What ARE Essential Oils?
    • Essential Oils Are...
    • What Are Essential Oils? Explained
    • Lessons from a Neapolitan Mastiff
  • 5
    Section Four: How Do You Use Essential Oils With Your Dogs?
    • Which Way Would Be the Easiest to Use Essential Oils With Your Dog?
    • For Joint and Muscle Support
    • Could Your Dog's Digestive System Use a Little Support Every Now and Then?
    • Tummies!
    • Do You Board Your Dog?
    • Boarding Your Dog
    • Does Your Dog Need to be Professionally Groomed?
    • Grrrrr Grooming!
    • Natural Therapies for Dogs?
    • Albert Gets a Raindrop
    • When the Unexpected Happens
    • Be Prepared
  • 6
    Section Five: Enjoy the Outdoors!
    • Dogs Get So Bugged!
    • Outdoor Nature Spray
    • Nature Matters Too
    • The Birds and the Bees
  • 7
    Section Six: Why Young Living?
    • Seed to Seal
    • Swapping Out the Toxins
    • Puzzle of Wellness
    • Choices, choices!
    • Essential Rewards
    • Quick Tips
  • 8
    Now What?
    • We're Just Getting Started!
    • Reminder
    • Laugh a LOT!
    • Bloopers!
    • Conclusion

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